Monday, 7 December 2009

Week 3

A History of Computer Games

2000 – The Future

The era of computer games has advanced to a path to where some think that it’s impossible to get better, but then again we know that isn’t true. Computer games and the technology has been ever increasing and evolving to point where we say ‘can it be better?’, looking back in the days I played 2d games and now playing games on the my ps3 there is a total shift of what games have become now.

Main thing to point out is that starting of 2000, games began showing us more 3d animation within the game itself and where games were more 2d based more story plotting began, eventually games now are 3d base which can be seen on all consoles, and this includes portable consoles such as Nintendo DS as many of the DS game have showed a good quality of 3d in them. Graphic is not the only thing that getting enhanced, more development has been put in consoles, DVD, internet, online gaming, camera etc all these have been shown and used on consoles today. There are always consoles more dominate then the other but what games have showed us is that it will always evolve.

The best thing that I like about games now is how they have became online multiplayer where I can sit down and play CoD (Call of Duty) with my friends, the big change for me was this as normally I would play two player game with someone in the same room where as now I can play with my friends from where ever they are. I’m guessing games well be more interactive in the future where you actually play a game in a virtual reality world, guess many gamers think like this but I also think that if that were too happen ‘what will become after that?’ and ‘what will future games become?’ and etc. Game now and how they played are good enough for me now if that was to change it will most likely be for the better good.

Since everything more advanced and to where as consoles such as PS3 and XBOX 360 rely on more memory on their disc’s now, this era is a chance for game developers to show truly what games can be, with more memory space on the disc the more they can put into the game. Good game depends on graphic, gameplay and story. I guess the pressure that game industry face are exceeding their expectation as well as their fellow gamers, money is another key point as without money there won’t be any games to develop. Industries will always have to face obstacles in their paths, since the video game crash the history of gaming was recovered and gotten better to a point to saying ‘it will get better’.

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