Sunday, 13 December 2009

Week 7

An introduction to Art Direction for Games

Art Direction role is that he/she will be in charge to unify the vision of the entire staff’s goal within that particular job. Art directions are not only in game companies but comply within other jobs such as advertising, filming, internet and etc. In a game company the art director will have to manage their time efficiently and must know what is going on in their environment, there role is to talk to co-workers and clients during the brainstorming process, this allows everyone to give ideas as well as their own opinions on if its good or bad, can it work, should this be put in and etc. At this process everyone has a say of their individual views and will be considered by every staff there, in the end the hard choice that art director will have to do is considers everyone’s input into the work and whether to use their ideas or not into the game they creating, as this is hard collecting everyone’s imagination and making into one piece the art director will think carefully to what he/she does for the final outcome because if art director makes any careless mistakes this could lead to a disappointing outcome to what whole staff was trying to achieve so it very important that everything is sorted.

When a game is being developed the art director will always have the last say, they will be responsible for the final outcome of the art aspect within that job area and whether it’s acceptable as well, this well then be presented to someone more higher than the art director’s role (depends on the business/company).

An art director in a game and film industry have pretty much the same roles in some areas, for example both will have to brainstorm to get ideas for their work, not only that will both have to present storyboards, concept art and etc. Though some of the stuff they well do is similar they will be achieving different goals as one will be producing a game while the other a film, but then again both are mainly targeting certain age groups as well as trying to meet there audience needs in the process so I guess they both play same role in overall.

What qualities do you think you need to develop if you want to become an Art Director in the future?

:O speechless lol. Ermmm............really i will have to learn a lot as an Art Direction job requires skills that will involve knowing about good storyboarding, concept designs and mainly everything that’s going on within the work. I guess if I was going for this job I would likely to develop my presentational skills as this job will require talking to the whole team, my knowledge of drawing will have to be developed as the it perspective would have to be right as well as having the right mood as well.

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